10 May 16

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Hello lovelies!!  Usual grind- school has been pretty good so far although the assignments are starting to pile up!! I have been adapting well to the NP culture I think… and I joined a cca too HAHA. Thats.. pretty much a summary of what has been happening in my mundane life wellies.  The past 3 weeks have been fun so hopefully week 4 will be a blast too!!! Okay Good luck with school friends!!! Have a gr8 week and hopefully  something interesting will happen in my boring life HAHA. ALSO I FEEL THE NEED TO BLESS YOU GUYS WITH A PICTURE OF MY DOG. YOU CAN THANK ME ANOTHER TIME. OKAY BYE XX

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So many things on my mind, I guess this is the horrible consequence of drinking coffee at such an ungodly hour, God. Toss and turn but i can’t seem to put my mind at ease oh well.  What happens when your safe haven that you have grown up in reveals itself as something else- with so many cracks and mistakes. Does it still remain as your safe haven or do you find refuge in another? What happens when the only place that is able to depict a little of heaven in the earthly environment shows a whole different side of chaos and uncertainty? Growing up sucks because you start to realise that most of the time anything “Perfect” does not exist, at least in the earthly context anyways. The walls are crumbling down and everyone is in jeopardy. Confrontations rise, temptations ensue and people start being dicks. How ironic isn’t it? The place where we go for refuge and strength is also the place where negative emotions and conflicts arise. This just isn’t right.